Acerca del aceite de argán

11 November, 2020

El aceite de argán proviene del árbol de argán, que crece casi exclusivamente en el suroeste de Marruecos. El aceite de argán se extrae de los núcleos de la fruta de argán, que se asemeja a una gran aceituna. Encontrará el aceite de argán principalmente en dos formas: aceite de argán comestible, de calidad alimentaria, […]

Como prevenir las ESTRÍAS y mejorar la existentes con aceite de argán

1 April, 2019

El aceite de argán tal vez no lo conozca todo el mundo, pero puede ser utilizado para quitar estrías, por lo general las estrías suelen aparecer debido a la ganancia o pérdida de peso rápido, también puede aparecer debido al embarazo, debido al entrenamientos como el culturismo o por un crecimiento acelerado en el caso […]

How to attenuate external agents with KAPUNKA

13 November, 2018

Throughout the year, the hair is exposed to external agentsthat damage its structure and can make it look dull and dull.In addition, the use of dyes, dryers or irons increases thesedamages. The arrival of the summer does not help toimprove the appearance of the hair, because a continuoussun exposure modifies the texture of the hair, dehydratedand favors the break of the tips and the loss of flexibility.Therefore, it is imperative that during the summer time wepamper our hair more than normal, applying some extracare. Argan oil can be your great ally when it comes to keepingyour hair hydrated and soft. Its high content of vitamin E,Omega 3 and Omega 9 will give hair a constant nutrition,penetrating inside and thicken from the root to the tip. Itsmoisturizing properties will reduce the dryness of the hairand prevent the breakage of the ends. It will also eliminatedandruff in the scalp, providing body and volume to the hair.In addition, although it is a powerful moisturizer, the Arganoil will not bring fat feeling to the hair, making it ideal for anytype of hair (even the most fatty). How should you apply Argan oil to your hair? Argan oil can be applied directly and at ambienttemperature in the hair, although we recommend its useaccompanied by heat. The heat will improve the penetrationof the oil in the scalp and enhance its properties. First, apply the argan oil to the hair from the root to the tips,massaging gently and insisting on the most damaged areas.Then moisten a towel with hot water and wrap the haircompletely. Let him act for an hour as if it were a mask andthen you can wash the hair and rinse. To completely removethe oil, apply the shampoo before the water and massage allthe hair until foaming. Finally, you will be able to rinse anddry it normally. Repeat this process once a week anddiscover how your hair’s appearance improves dramatically.

KAPUNKA, elegance, a way of life that you can also choose.

2 October, 2018

Being an elegant woman goes beyond wearing luxury brand clothing and accessories, it is synonymous with good taste, attitude, education and class. It’s a lifestyle that only some women decide to adopt, but being elegant is not as complicated as it seems and we can all become one if we want to. Improve your posture […]

KAPUNKA select the best argan seeds

2 October, 2018

En KAPUNKA seleccionamos las mejores y únicas semillas de argán. Con una dedicación exclusiva. Para entregaros la mejor calidad, porque eso es lo que nos merecemos tod@s, lo mejor. Conservamos su pureza. Los estudios científicos constatan que tiene 3 veces más dosis de concentración de vitamina E (tocoferoles) que otros aceites. www.kapunkargan.com In KAPUNKA we […]

KAPUNKA, we continue working for you

2 October, 2018

Seguimos trabajando! Próximo evento en Barcelona, 13 de septiembre. Con eminencias de la cirugía y microcirugía, KAPUNKA ocupa el lugar en regeneración dermatológica. Cada vez más estusdios científicos nos avalan!! We keep working! Next event in Barcelona, September 14. With eminences of the surgery and microsurgery, KAPUNKA occupies the places in dermatological regeneration. More and […]

Regenerador de la piel

23 August, 2018

It is a product specialized in the care of skin, nails and hair, to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, skin blemishes, broken nails, damaged hair. KAPUNKA is very effective against wrinkles and dehydrated skin. CICATRICES: Helps to improve the appearance of new and existing ones. STRIKES: Helps to prevent the formation and […]


22 June, 2018

KAPUNKA potencia y alarga tu bronceado saludablemente. ¿ a quién no le gusta mantener el color dorado que se ha conseguido? ¿ Porque es tan importante usar un after sun tras un día de playa o al aire libre? Simple: la exposición solar afecta a la hidratación de la piel y a su estado natural. […]

Prevents diaper dermatitis

18 June, 2018

Diaper dermatitis is common in infants between 4 and 15 months of age, and it is possible that it occurs more when babies start eating solid foods. It is caused by an infection of a yeast or fungus called candida, very common in children. Candida proliferates better in hot, humid places, like in a diaper. […]

Ideal for nails, hands and feet

18 June, 2018

Apply it directly on your fingernails and hands. You will immediately see how they look and feel different. Over time, the nails will be strengthened more and more, and you can show them hydrated and healthy. Ideal for brittle nails or open in layers. As Cuticle conditioner is unbeatable. Forget the hard and dry cuticles […]

KAPUNKA, pure argan oil

12 June, 2018

The Argon Oil KAPUNKA is used in its pure state, with no mineral oils or parabens. It is 100% BIO, and has obtained the approvals and certifications under strict controls to be put up for sale. It also has the recognition of ®ECOCERT, a certification body for sustainable development. KAPUNKA guarantees rapid absorption of the […]

The care of your feet is dry

9 June, 2018

Use it on your feet as a moisturizer. Just apply a few drops on your feet and chew on them. You will notice immediately that the dryness disappears and your feet will stay as smooth as if you had attended a spa session. Do not forget that Argana Oil KAPUNKA is 100% bio and has […]

In summer KAPUNKA

7 June, 2018

This summer uses KAPUNKA argan oil. It is ideal for the most sensitive skin. It does not cause reactions such as photosensitivity, photoalergia or phototoxicity. But keep in mind that not all argan oils are the same. Make sure you have certified ®ECOCERT and that it is pure 100% BIO. KAPUNKA meets all the quality […]

Take care of your skin after the summer

5 June, 2018

Argana Oil KAPUNKA is a natural moisturizer that diminishes the signs of aging and prevents premature aging of the skin. That is why its continued use after a summer beach and sun will help you to have a healthier and hydrated skin and you will feel radiant, since it is also ideal to keep the […]

When the children learn to swim … KAPUNKA

29 May, 2018

The smallest ones in the house have already begun the school year and many also incorporate sporting activities both inside and outside the school. One of these is, without a doubt, to learn to swim or simply to exercise the muscles in a medium as propitious as the water. But the composition of pool water […]

Care for the beard and the skin

25 May, 2018

Caring for the beard also requires cleaning, hydration. Learning to moisturize the beard is one of the most important goals, to achieve a healthy and bright appearance. The pure argan oil KAPUNKA, is an oil used for the skin, as for facial hair and hair. The skin of the face plays a very important role […]

Hydrated and healthy manicure

22 May, 2018

Your nails are the reflection of your personality and can constitute your best business card. Every detail counts. Lightening a beautiful manicure is impossible if the nails are not strong and healthy, since the breakages, stretch marks and extreme fragility prevent them from staying in good looks. Despite repairing the nail hydration by applying certain […]

The feeling of caressing your baby’s skin is …

18 May, 2018

The feeling of caressing your baby’s skin is irresistibly beautiful, gentle, delicate … and that’s why it is so much the need to keep this touch, this aroma and purity as intact as possible. The challenge is not simple, and despite the fact that there are many creams for baby care, the desired purity and […]

The best for your skin

1 May, 2018

The sensation of caressing a baby’s skin is irresistibly beautiful, gentle, delicate … and that’s why it is so much the need to keep this touch and purity as intact as possible. The challenge is not simple, and despite the fact that there are many creams for baby care, the desired purity and softness is […]

KAPUNKA, we started a path together, CLÍNICA FERRAN SOLÀ

27 April, 2018

Clínica Ferran Solà, already has at his disposal in his clinics KAPUNKA, with numerous medical and aesthetic uses for his power of renewal and cellular regeneration. You will soon have more information! Together we take a path to help make life easier for the patient / client.

Argan oil and its aftersun effect

19 April, 2018

Argan oil is ideal for removing and preventing signs of skin aging. That is, it acts as an anti-aging product, decreasing and preventing the appearance of wrinkles and providing luminosity, flexibility and smoothness to the face It is very suitable for calming erythema, that is, skin irritations.

Scars, how to take care of them and blur them with KAPUNKA

22 March, 2018

As we know, Argan has some unique properties that other natural oils do not have, and are the high levels of Vitamin E (tocopherols), linoleic acid, Lupeol (triterpene) and many others. These components are those that definitely help our skin to regenerate more quickly by stimulating the amount of collagen and the generation of new […]

KAPUNKA, make your treatments more effective

19 March, 2018

KAPUNKA, its uses in the care of the skin, nails, hair and scalp, in medicine is used to treat various skin problems such as irritation, dehydration, lack of elasticity, acne, stretch marks, cheeks, contact burns, Solar burns, psoriasis, sequelae of chicken pox post-operative sequelae. KAPUNKA, is also used to combat rheumatic and muscular pain, through […]
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