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Care for the beard and the skin


Caring for the beard also requires cleaning, hydration. Learning to moisturize the beard is one of the most important goals, to achieve a healthy and bright appearance. The pure argan oil KAPUNKA, is an oil used for the skin, as for facial hair and hair. The skin of the face plays a very important role in the development of hair, as dry or flaking skin, slowing down growth or producing the horrible hemorrhage of the beard. The KAPUNKA argan oil from my skin or oily beard? No, the KAPUNKA argan oil is an instantaneous, quick-absorption scrubber that leaves the hair more flexible at the time of combing. While moisturizing the hair and facial skin, it is repairable.

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KAPUNKA is pure Argan oil, without mineral oils or parabens.
We are pioneers in the sector.
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