Hydrated and healthy manicure


Your nails are the reflection of your personality and can constitute your best business card. Every detail counts.

Lightening a beautiful manicure is impossible if the nails are not strong and healthy, since the breakages, stretch marks and extreme fragility prevent them from staying in good looks. Despite repairing the nail hydration by applying certain cosmetics, in many cases this is insufficient because our nails need certain nutrients and vitamins that these products do not contain. And in that, the contribution offered by KAPUNKA, argan oil, is important, which is ideal for hardening the nails and caring for its aesthetics, thanks to its potential for vitamin E.

In the care of the nails, the argon oil KAPUNKA is a great product to strengthen them and to avoid the yellowish color naturally. Not only does it moisturize and promote growth, it prevents the appearance of stretch marks and reduces the chances of rupture and bad appearance.

Apply twice a week until you see that your nails are well hydrated and healthy.

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