Scars, how to take care of them and blur them with KAPUNKA


As we know, Argan has some unique properties that other natural oils do not have, and are the high levels of Vitamin E (tocopherols), linoleic acid, Lupeol (triterpene) and many others. These components are those that definitely help our skin to regenerate more quickly by stimulating the amount of collagen and the generation of new cells, making it disappear or effectively disguise the scar.

Recall that the tearing of the epithelial tissue results in the dreaded scar. The regeneration of the tissue is the result of the growth of fibroblasts, which thus plug the wound through the fibrillar tissue, which is why the scar has a different texture to the skin and is easily detected. The healing of a wound has three different stages: Inflammatory, Proliferative and Remodeling.

  • Inflammatory: Stage where the wound is blocked and the crust is formed.
  • Proliferative: In this phase the collagen is produced and with it the cellular regeneration. This is where argan oil is essential for stimulating the production of collagen.
  • Remodeling: This phase occurs 30 days after the wound and can last up to more than a year. In it collagen reabsorption occurs, and keeping the fibers that are directly related to the wound. These fibers are usually found internally, which is usually below our skin.

We recommend, without any doubt, to start the argan treatment in the proliferative stage, applying it on the scar between 5 and 6 times a day, until it completely absorbs. With the passage of days and months we will observe that the appearance of the scar is improving, blurring it.

Already in the remodeling stage we will continue applying the oil, on the scar 2 or 3 times a day. We can take advantage of the occasion while using any treatment with argan oil that we have proposed.

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