Ideal for nails, hands and feet


Apply it directly on your fingernails and hands. You will immediately see how they look and feel different. Over time, the nails will be strengthened more and more, and you can show them hydrated and healthy. Ideal for brittle nails or open in layers.

As Cuticle conditioner is unbeatable. Forget the hard and dry cuticles that do not look good at all. Do not even talk about pellejitos around the nails! Apply a few drops on your cuticles and they will look perfect.

If you get used to painting your nails, apply the argan oil around them when they have dried.

After removing the enamel from your nails, the acetone will leave your cuticles and skin very dry. Apply argan oil to counteract dryness and look for impeccable nails.

With KAPUNKA Argan Oil you will have the perfect manicure and pedicure. It is ideal for the care of the nails of the whole family.

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