Regenerador de la piel


It is a product specialized in the care of skin, nails and hair, to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, skin blemishes, broken nails, damaged hair.

KAPUNKA is very effective against wrinkles and dehydrated skin.

CICATRICES: Helps to improve the appearance of new and existing ones.
STRIKES: Helps to prevent the formation and its appearance. Improves the appearance of existing grooves.
SPOTS ON THE SKIN: Helps improve the appearance of pigmentation spots and marks, due to sun exposure or age.
AGED SKIN: Helps soften and tone aged and dehydrated skin, as well as wrinkles, its depth on the face, neckline and body.
DEHYDRATED SKIN: Helps hydrate and nourish the skin produced by heating and air conditioners.

KAPUNKA should be applied once a day in the areas to be treated or in the whole body to have firmer and smoother skin. It is reabsorbed at the moment.

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KAPUNKA es Aceite de Argán puro, sin aceites minerales ni parabenos.
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