Aceite de argan virgen de primera prensada en frio
The best for your skin


The sensation of caressing a baby’s skin is irresistibly beautiful, gentle, delicate … and that’s why it is so much the need to keep this touch and purity as intact as possible.

The challenge is not simple, and despite the fact that there are many creams for baby care, the desired purity and softness is never achieved. Argan oil is a natural component derived from a fruit that is found in the desert of Morocco. This oil, also called the liquid gold of Morocco, has great benefits both at the cosmetic and health level, since its use can be external or for consumption as a food oil.

What are the advantages of argan oil for the skin of the baby or child?

– Being an oil rich in vitamin E, it has a high ability to regenerate the tissue of the skin, so if the child or baby has scars after chickenpox, acne, or other typical skin marks, argan oil acts by lightening these brands.

– The baby’s skin is very delicate, so it is important to use products that fit your needs and deficiencies. If your baby has sensitive skin and often detects redness and irritation in your skin, go to the argan oil that relieves discomfort and regains the skin balance.

– If your baby has disorders in the scalp, it is also recommended to spread the skin with this oil to alleviate discomfort as well as provide softness and shine to the hair.

The advantages of argan oil are many.

Using argan oil in the care of the child and baby will enjoy a smooth and pure skin for a long time. KAPUNKA.


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