Aceite de argan virgen de primera prensada en frio
When the children learn to swim … KAPUNKA


The smallest ones in the house have already begun the school year and many also incorporate sporting activities both inside and outside the school. One of these is, without a doubt, to learn to swim or simply to exercise the muscles in a medium as propitious as the water. But the composition of pool water is not the most appropriate for your delicate skin.

With Argana Oil KAPUNKA, we will ensure that our children receive the hydration they need, while avoiding possible discomfort such as itching or scrubbing caused by some chemical compositions that are used to purify water.

Getting your skin healthy and hydrated is easy. Only certainty is needed. With the application of KAPUNKA Argan Oil after bath, it will look soft and glowing.

Argan oil is a natural hydrant rich in vitamins, such as E, which helps to maintain collagen and elasticity of the skin, and in antioxidants, fatty acids and minerals.

Remember, Argon Oil KAPUNKA is pure oil 100% BIO with all quality certificates. Do not hesitate to use KAPUNKA for the little ones in the house.


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